Six Exceptional Thinkers Sharing their Expertise as Mentors.

Invasive Design

Tulga Beyerle

Tulga Beyerle is an Austrian curator and museum director. She acknowledges that “society is changing, our future challenges are changing.” These processes of change raise fundamental questions about the future of museums; Beyerle wants to map out a new path for museums suitable for the twenty-first century. › More about Tulga Beyerle


David Elliott

British curator David Elliott is fascinated by the act of looking. Throughout his career, he has examined the works of contemporary artists across cultural contexts. This critical study has informed his central concern: “the state—and fate—of art.” Elliott’s interest in art history was sparked by the Nazis’ treatment of “degenerate art.” How was this art so powerful as to precipitate such a strong reaction? › More about David Elliott

Moving Image

Omer Fast

Fast’s art spans the mediums of film and installation and incorporates both fictional and documentary material. The focus is often on what the artist calls “liminal figures,” individuals whose life experience or work takes them across both real and symbolic borders. Soldiers, migrants, morticians, and adult-film performers appear in Fast’s work as messengers from invisible or taboo realms, describing realities few of us will ever experience. › More about Omer Fast


Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon recently moved to Berlin from San Francisco, where she is working towards a doctorate in composition at Stanford University. She is seeking new modes of expression relevant to contemporary and future worlds. Her modern music compositions cross genres and borders; she is also known as a live electronic music performer and producer and has opened for major acts like Radiohead. › More about Holly Herndon

Living Matter

Laura Lima

Laura Lima is an artist who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. She explores and seeks to overcome the living/non-living binary. Lima explains that “I’ve tried to place living things (humans, animals) in the same plane as other matter.” Time is one of the tools that Lima has employed in this mission to break down what she sees as the artificial distinction drawn between subject and object: as she points out, “time places all matter on the same plane.” › More about Laura Lima

Beyond Radio

Peter Meanwell

Peter Meanwell is a radio maker and curator who relates sound and modes of transmission to spaces, audience, and ideas. As contemporary notions of listening change, as FM transmitters around the world are switched off, he explores new ways of embodying radio’s communicative and discursive properties within art and music contexts. He embraces radio as an infrastructure, an artistic medium, and a performance space. › More about Peter Meanwell