Open Call

The call for proposals is closed

Innovators from around the world, working in a vast variety of disciplines, were asked to submit their project ideas to Forecast. More than 393 applicants from over 200 cities responded to the international Open Call and submitted their proposals to one of the six mentors.

The range of applications has again exceeded all expectations, showing an enormous diversity of practices. The proposals suggest approaches to design, music, the visual arts, and the media, as well as fields in the natural sciences and the humanities.

The Forecast mentors will now sift through all applications; each selecting three concepts he or she finds particularly promising. By February 2, 2018, Forecast will invite 18 participants to the Forecast Forum, to discuss their ideas and present them to the public at the HKW May 11–12, 2018. At the end of the event, each of the six mentors will select one concept, which they will accompany over the following months. The outcome of these collaborations will be presented at the Forecast Festival at the HKW October 12–13, 2018.